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Become partner of Sandrink

Offer to your customers on the beach an exclusive service and improve your business!

Total autonomy and full control of your business

1. You can manage autonomously your menu, add photos, prices and the products that you prefer.

2. You will have promotional material and everything that you need for your bathhouse/bar on the beach.

3. You can activate the service to all of your sun-umbrellas or just some of them, for a better and personal service and interrupt the service when you wish

What you will obtain with our platform:


1.The best and most updated digital technologies, for a full control of the service, from the order to the deliver.

2. Safe orders and transitions, for you and your customer with STRIPE, our intermediary financial partner

3. Your Partner Center: all the data of your business (orders, products, income, stats) will be at your disposition

Autonomy and full control

Establish the products of your menu, the prices, the working hours and the coverage of the service.

Distinguish yourself from your competitors

You will offer a smart and innovative service to your customers setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Increase your profit

Who decided to use a similar service has increased his sales from 20% to 35%.

A constant marketing support

We will always be at your disposition to help improve your business.

Is your bar close to a free beach?

Sandrink is a great opportunity: the thousands of people who go to the free beach are your potential customers.